Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Health Update 4-22-08

Time for a health update.

I have instituted two new programs into my nutrition and exercise routine. The first is the web site www.nutritiondata.com. The second is an exercise/weightlifting program from BodyFortress.com.

Nutrition Data.com

I found this site two weeks ago while looking for information on a food (I don't remember which one). I was trying to keep a food log. This site has helped me immensely. It has an extensive database of common food items which you can add to your "Pantry". They even have some fast food places. You can create a recipe from ingredients and have the site "analyze" it for nutritional value. You can also enter your own custom food entries if you have the Nutrition Facts label available. The log can keep track of all of your calories, carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. You can let the site fill your daily values based on your weight, height, age and activity levels, or you can adjust your own. It even has a fullness factor, protein quality, nutrition wheel, glycemic index and inflammation estimator. I have been able to judge and rate my diet and note the areas I need to cut back on or areas I am lacking in nutrition. I use the site several times a day to help me plan my next meal ot snacks. I have been able to stay satisfied and still keep below 2000 calories a day along with increasing my protein, reducing my fat and sugar intake.

Body Fortress.com

I found this site as I was looking for additional nutrition data for my food log. The exercise routine they suggested is great. It allows me to lift four days a week, while giving each muscle group at least 3 days recovery in between lifting days. I use the following schedule:

Week 1
  • Monday - Chest-Shoulders-Triceps
  • Tuesday- Back-Biceps-Abs
  • Thursday-Legs
  • Friday- Chest-Shoulders-Triceps-Abs
Week 2
  • Monday- Back-Biceps-Abs
  • Tuesday- Chest-Shoulders-Triceps
  • Thursday- Legs-Abs
  • Friday- Back-Biceps
Every day that I lift I first hit the stationary bike for a 15-20min warm up at moderate effort. I then stretch the muscle groups I am going to be using that day.

On the weekends I have tried to include a short and long bike ride. My short rides usually last between 5 and 7 miles. I am currently going around 10miles for my longer rides. I would like to push that up to 20miles, but I need to get a different bike for that. I am using a $99 10yr old Schwinn mountain bike. I need to move up to a hybrid or road bike to really get a 20-30mile ride in.

I will continue to give updates occasionaly.

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