Tuesday, May 27, 2008

End of May update


I am really getting into the lifting and enjoying it.

I have started to take some supplements before and after my workouts. here is what I have used and the results so far:

  • Pre-Workout - GNC version of L-Arginine 1000mg. I take 3 capsules as soon as I get up at 4:45am. I then have a half of a PowerBar Energize on the way to the gym. I also try to drink 500ml water before I get to the gym. I am on the stationary bike by 5:15-5:20am. the L-Arginine is a pre-coursor for Nitric Oxide. This helps promote blood flow and volume so that later in my workouts I do not feel as fatigued. The PowerBar helps me with just a little boost of carbs first thing so I am not hitting the wall after 45min of working out. The straight L-Arginine seems to be the cheapest way to get Nitric Oxide. There are many types of pre=workout nitric out there, but most contain caffeine, which I am trying to limit.

  • Post-Workout - Pro-Nos by MRI. I drive home 10min and immediately make my protein shake with the Pro-Nos powder. I am very conscience of the fact that this needs to be consumed within 30min for optimum effect. I have been very pleased with the taste of the Pro-Nos so far. I have only been on it for a two weeks so I cannot tell if it is making any difference physically. I know that it does not give me as much gas as the other proteins I have used.
Tracking-I have also begun logging my workouts. This helps me in many ways. First I can keep track of what weight's are being used for which exercises. It is much easier to increase the weight when I am ready if I don't waste the first set hunting for the right weight to use. Second, I can use the total weight of my workout to gauge how hard I have worked out. I simply do the math and come up with a total lifted amount and compare that to previous days to judge how hard I am pushing myself.

Cycling- I am working my way up on biking. I got new tires for my mountain bike. They are kind of like a hybrid tire, smooth in the middle, but they still have some tread on the edges. They have much less rolling resistance. I was able to do 14.76 miles in 62min. I am going for 20 miles in one ride this weekend I still want to work up to a 50 and then a 100mile ride! I can really tell the difference in my bike tires and the workouts, I have improved my avg speed, distance and my recovery's are much easier when I bike.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Begining of May Update!

If anyone is really reading this here is an update.

Saw Iron Man over the weekend with my kid. Awesome movie. They nailed the Iron Man character and Robert Downey Jr IS Tony Stark! I highly recommend it to comic book and movie fans alike.

Health update.
I am down to 228. Sometimes it feels like more, but I did not put that weight on overnight, so I guess it will not come off that quickly from now on. I am starting to push the workouts a lot more and starting to feel the strains and aches more. If anyone is interested in my diet plan then leave a comment and I can show you exactly what I eat each day. I post it to nutiriondata.com and then to google docs.