Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weight and the "gut"

I recently went to my doctor when I got the first week of Feb 2008 and had to fly for business within a few days. I was worried about having the flu and flying across the country.

During the checkout two things popped up, both of them probably being related. 1st was weight. I am 6'1''. and have always been around the 200lb mark. I had ballooned up to 249! The doctor said my blood pressure was borderline high also. This was a real wake up call for me, not that I had not noticed the spare tire i was packing! I decided that I was not going to leave my wife and kids any earlier than the good Lord wanted me to. Here what I did and the results so far.

  • I switched from Coke to Coke Zero or Coke Zero Cherry. I used to drink a 1ltr Coke before lunch, have another 20oz for lunch and then have a glass or two when I got home. Three things I cut out or way down: Sugar, Calories (800 down to zero per day), Caffeine(helps with the blood pressure). I still have to have the one Coke Zero in the morning for the wake up caffeine.
  • Sodium. I really try to watch it now. I paid no attention to it before. You would not believe how much sodium is in lunch meat or salad dressing!
  • Cereal. I started buying cereal based on the nutrition labels. I eat Special K with Strawberries, Grape Nuts, Honey Nut Cheerios, Raisin Bran etc. I cut down on portions for cereal too. If the serving size is 1cup then I try to stick to that, maybe just a little more. Healthy cereal has so many benefits. Balanced nutrition, low fat, high fiber, low calorie, etc. I also try to substitute cereal for ice cream or another "bad" snack. If I get hungry after dinner then I grab a small bowl of Raisin Bran instead of a piece of cake.
  • Salads. I try to eat at least one salad a day. I either eat them with a little meat on them(grilled chicken or steak), or I just put some bacon bits, a little shredded cheese, non-fat croutons, and low fat, low sodium dressing. I also try to mix up the salads. Dole has a good variety of mixed greens and other types of salad mixes, pre washed and bagged.
  • Water or flavored water instead of sports drinks or pop. I drink 1 or 2 32oz. Powerade Option Low Calorie Sports Drink(only 10cal per 8oz serving)
  • A little red wine (1 glass) when we are out to dinner.
  • I am not obsessive about "dieting" either. I will enjoy a "regular" meal with the family every now and then, but I just am trying to eat smarter.
  • We got bought an exercise bike almost two years ago. I never really used it. I like bike riding outside and found the stationary bike incredibly boring. Since Feb I have used the stationary bike 3-5 times a week for 30min. I use the weight loss interval program and try to stay at least 10 rpm ahead of the level they want you at for that section of the workout. I also use either my laptop on the bike with a hand made shelf and bungee system, or I use my BlackBerry to watch movies or listen to music so I don't get too bored.
  • I also make sure as soon as I finish my ride to do 3 or four sets of 10-25 sit ups, usually in a 25, 15, 10, 10 interval. I have also started to mix in some free weights.
  • We won some passes to the local gym at the KCSA auction and I plan to use that on weekends and evenings that my wife does not work.
  • I am looking forward to getting out and biking on the roads again. I want to work my way up to a 50mi ride this summer.
  • I feel great!! I have so much more energy. My back does not hurt. I do not get winded walking up stairs anymore.
  • I weighed myself recently. 232! It feels like more. I am not too worried about the number. If I can lose the belly, feel better, control the blood pressure, and strengthen my body the I will be OK with that. If I settle in at 215 or 220 with all of the above then great.
  • I also had a physical recently. Cholesterol, blood pressure, etc were all right in line.
I will post more later about my progress.

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