Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Blessings and mourning Tommie

Tomorrow is Jesus' Birthday. This one I will remember for quite some time as my mother-in-law passed away last Wednesday night. She was only 60. Far too young to leave us, but we know God is taking care of her every need now. She has no more pain, suffering, guilt or worry. Today we are celebrating Tommie's life and remembering all that she meant to us. Tomorrow we will celebrate Christ's birth and remember all he means to us.


You always treated me like your own son. I feel so blessed that you and Dad were part of my life. I know one of the things you feared most was leaving your kids and grandkids behind. Please rest comfortably in the arms of The Lord and know that I will make sure Robin, Cort, Nate, Madi and Nick are safe, secure and happy. Niki may not seem like he will remember much of you, but I know he will carry the memories of you all of his life. He will remember Easter at Papa Nina's house and gathering Easter Eggs. He will remember watching the fireworks on your lawn sitting on Nina's lap.

Madi will remember playing dolls with Nina in the kid's bedroom. She will remember Nina always having something. She will remember Nina's candy dish. She won't remember Nina having to rush back up from the cafeteria when she was born, but we'll tell her that story.

Nate will remember Nina going to Grandparents Day at school. He will remember Nina's awesome gravy. He will remember Nina's false teeth and making him smile when she played with them.

Cort will remember Beanie Babies. She will remember spending weekends with Papa and Nina, something she still wants to do with Papa. She will remember Nina coming to school art shows, and music programs (even though Cort hated the clarinet).

Rest in Peace Nina/Mom/Tommie. We love you and miss you. We will meet you again in heaven. We will look after Dad too and make sure he knows that his family loves him and that he has great times ahead of him with his family and friends.

Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration. I am making it my goal to spread that Christmas joy over these next few days. I intend to surprise someone at random with a monetary gift. It will be small, but unexpected. I just want them to pass the feeling along to someone else. They will by telling the story to another. Try it sometime.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prayer for tough times.

I thought today would be a great day to offer several things up to God. I have found that allowing God to take the reigns in my life does wonders for the situation and my mental health. Some items I am thinking about right now are my mother-in-law who is sick with cancer and is worse today than she was two months ago. She is stabilizing, but not improving much at all. I am also thinking about the US Auto Industry and all of my family and friends that rely on the auto industry for their careers and income. This country would be devastated if GM, Chrysler or Ford disappeared. I am also concerned for our family friend Allison and her mother. Al's Gramma was diagnosed three months ago with incurable throat cancer. She went down pretty quickly the last month. Her husband was a diabetic and failed to take care of himself recently. On Monday he slipped into a diabetic coma in the morning, then his wife passed less than 12hrs later. One of my close friends is looking for work. Finally my coworker Linda has a daughter who is carrying a child which will be born with un-treatable birth defects that will result in the child dying during or shortly after birth. Like I said tough times and definitely time to turn to a higher power for advice and help.

Please let your comforting hands come upon all the situations that I have mentioned above. Your wisdom, guidance and security are needed in tough situations. We rely on you for all our needs and turn to you for healing in these times. We know you are always shining your light of guidance, please direct us towards that light so that we may know what your will is. We know that there is also comfort in that light. We know in seemingly unbearable times you are sitting there right next to us. All we have to do is lean over and put our head on your shoulder for support. Help us to remember that and help us to look for those signs that you have given us. I pray that your will be done in your Son's most Holy name, Jesus Christ. Amen