Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Early July Health Update

Time for a health update.

Good news first. Overall things are going very well. After taking a couple of weeks off exercising while my wife and daughter were in Honduras I started back to the weights and biking pretty smoothly. I actually lost two pounds even though I did not workout except for 1 ride while visiting my parents in Detroit. I had a great ride out to my in-law's house in Plainwell from Kalamazoo. The ride was 17.75miles and I had a total ride time of 69min!. That was good for a 15.5mph average. My best yet. the next day I weighed myself at the gym. I was down to 215!

Now the bad news. I have had some neck issues off and on for years. Mostly when I use electronic devices too much, such as Palm devices or BlackBerry's where my deck is craned downward for long periods of time. It is called "tech neck". After I finished biking I sat down at my in laws while I was still not cooled down yet. I proceeded to entertain myself with my BlackBerry while we waited for the fireworks to begin. Well after two days of tension and discomfort I decided to try to "workout" the tension at the gym. I used the neck flexor machine with a little weight on it to try to overcome the soreness. BAD IDEA! Now I have shooting pain down my arm. Similar to when you hit your "funny bone". I think it is from a herniated disk in my neck or at least a bulging one.