Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Students today.

I recently attended a ground breaking ceremony at Kalamazoo Christian High School. They are adding a new science wing to the school which will enable the kids there to actually begin experiencing some of the technologies that they will encounter in colleges.

One of the speakers said something that struck a cord with me. He said that the learning our students will do in that new wing and throughout the school will influence the direction of our society for years to come. One of the main things that KCSA can provide for students that public schools are not right now is a sense of responsibility. Far too many schools today feel that they have to be the parent and the teacher of our young people. They emphasize the person over the community. Individual achievement is promoted more than community progress. Student are taught if it feels right and you feel good about yourself then it must be OK. What are we teaching young people?

A friend of mine recently alerted me to these items on the Web:

First is a web site by Oakland County, MI Judge Michael Warren called America's Survival Guide. The subtitle of this site is "America is slowly committing suicide." I agree with his assessment.

The second is a video done by students at Kansas State University.

This video is right on the money. Having a teenager I can tell you that this video really hit home.