Wednesday, September 3, 2008


"God has given you one face, and you make yourself another." ~William Shakespeare

I believe that the world will be blown away over the next few days by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The left is scrambling to find something to stick to her. The hypocrisy of the left is getting quite comical.

First, most of the drive by media was caught off guard by her selection as VP to Senator John McCain. I will be that well over 90% of even political reporters could not even name her as Gov of Alaska prior to Friday. Their next move was to say that she was unqualified. Never mind that Barak was forced to pick someone for his VP who has more foreign policy experience because he lacks that. Their answer for his lack of governance experience was that he is an outsider. Be careful with that one. Governor Palin has far more executive experience than Barak and can still be considered a Washington outsider more thatn anyone in the race. She also has more governance experience than anyone on the Dem or Republican ticket.

Second move was to degrade her as an unfit mother. This attack was and still is being launched in four phases. A Democratic led rumor said that Palin was covering for her teenage daughter by saying that her son Trig was hers when it was really the teens. How cruel and untrue! The second phase was to say that Palin was irresponsible to even attempt to have a child at the age of 40. Third was that she cannot be a good mother to her children especially Trig if she is elected. Finally the absolutely unbelievable attacks on her and her daughter over the pregnancy of the 17yr old. She is being vilified for allowing this to happen, for failing as a parent, for allowing her to marry the father of the child.

I have never talked with Sarah Palin and have never seen anything related to this but I can guarantee you that Gov Palin's priorities are as follows in order: God, family, country. After being a child of God she is first a mother then a wife, then an elected official. When their daughter came to them and told her parents that she was pregnant, I am sure that they told her they were disappointed. The very next thing they did was to be good parents to their kid that needed them now more than any other time in her life. They did not care about how it would look politically. They did not care what people in their small town would say. They simply wanted to help their kid and knew that a family as strong as theirs would be able to lean on each other with God's help to provide a safe pregnancy and support for their daughter and new grandchild.

The left for so long has espoused that a woman can do anything she wants. She can be a working mom, she does not need a man to complete her. Well, guess what a woman is going to be the next VP of the United States and liberals are trembling with fear.

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