Monday, September 22, 2008

Back Home!

I am back from my work trip to the F&I Conference in Las Vegas. I was really not sure what to expect. I am not a gambler, not a drinker and I like to get up early and go to bed early. Three things that do not work well with Vegas. I guess I had fun. Came back with down $80. Not bad overall. I was astounded with the scale of the hotels. Here are some pics. Not very good quality with the BB.

I missed my kids and wife dearly also. Madi must have grown an inch. Nate surprised me on Saturday with his football play. Cort is doing awesome with VB and school. Niki was so happy to see me. I don't think he let go of me all weekend.

Niki is doing so well with his speech too. He stunned me yesterday when he approached me placed his elbows on the table and his head in his hands and said, "Daddy? You wanna play ball?" How could I say no! We played a little then we went to Lowe's to get the last of the wood I needed to finish off the porch.

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