Monday, June 9, 2008

Begining of June Update

I thought I would give another update.

Weight:I really did not want to start tracking weight. I don't want to be one of those people that are obsessed with how much they weigh. I began to track it or at least check it just to see if i was making progress. I check this morning pre-workout and I was down to 224. Of course that can vary a couple of pounds either way based on food consumption, natural waste elimination, and attire. I am trying to keep it consistent on that part. I always weigh before I work out with t-shirt, shorts, sock and shoes on. Also I have 500ml water and have already urinated for the morning. So the bottom line is that should give me a pretty consistent number to go by. I am impressed with my progress considering I went on a trip to Dallas for work and ate filet mingon, steak etc on my trip. I guess keeping track of your diet and watching portion control 90% of the time pays off. You can still eat out as long as it is not a habit and as long as you don't really go nuts when you do.

Cycling:The weather has been sporatic around here lately so I have not been able to bike as frequently as I would like. I was able to hit the 20 mile mark the other day. I added a loop to my normal ride and neglected to check the route first. Boy did I pay for that one. The loop was quite hilly. Not a good add to a ride when you have not done that distance before. My average time suffered, but I was able to complete the ride and because of my recent conditioning I recovered pretty quickly. I also have been fighting a sinus infection so I was coughing and sneezing on the ride which I am sure did not help.

Streching:I cannot stress the importance of stretching enough. Before you workout at all you must stretch! I am still recovering from a muscle pull in my left
latissimus dorsi. It is usually ok, but I did not strech it out enough this morning and tweaked it again while I was doing some lateral raises with dumbells. If you do not have time to stretch then do not bother even lifting or exercising. It's not worth it!

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