Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to School (Again)

Back to school time has a different meaning for me now. Not only are the kids heading back, but I am starting classes again.
I have completed my EMT-Basic classes over the summer and have passed my National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians(NREMT) EMT-B Exam. I am waiting for my State of Michigan License to come through so I can get a job as a Basic EMT. Here in Kalamazoo County the ambulance services hire a few EMT-B's, but all of the trucks in Kalamazoo, Portage and the immediate surrounding areas usually require a EMT-Paramedic to be on board. That is why I am starting my Paramedic classes on Tuesday. Of course the pay is better too. The EMT-P classes start Tues and go thru next fall. Then I will have to pass a NREMT EMT-P computer based exam and then a EMT-P practical skills exam.
Nate, Madi and Cort all started classes last week. Madi and Nate started classes at a new school. Kalamazoo Christian East Elementary closed last year due to declining enrollment. The district was forced to consolidate all the elementary students into one building. Since the West Elementary campus is much newer and had the most students they decided to put all of the students at that campus. They are adjusting well.
Cort is starting her Junior year at KCHS. She is probably the least thrilled of all to start school again. This year will be pivotal for her. Schools look at this years GPA to determine admissions and scholarships. They cannot wait for Sr year classes to end to finalize those decisions.
Niki is starting K at a new school also. We chose to send him to a new school because the teacher was recommended to us. Hopefully the new school, full days and a new teacher will be a painless adjustment for him.

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