Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's goin on?

The short answer is a lot.

Robin is working a lot. Her company is in the midst of a merger. She is going thru a bunch of change over stuff involved with that.

The kids are all good. Nate is going to Detroit for the week, starting on Sat with an Air Show at Willow Run. Then he has a week of Fish Camp. I know he will have a blast.

Madi is doing well. I feel kinda bad for her because we did not have anything specifically scheduled for her this summer. She has been doing a lot of activities with friends.

Niki is talking up a storm and is using much more complete sentences. We still struggle with behavior issues with him. He is a great kid, but the challenges can be overwhelming for him and us at times.

Cort is having an up and down summer. She went to Orlando for a week earlier this summer. She spent a week in Chicago on a mission trip with her friends church. That was interesting, because she was without a cell phone for that time period. Somehow, she survived. She is working a little here and there. She is also driving and enjoying all the things that go along with that. Things like, putting gas in a car with your own money, paying for insurance, having dead batteries, following directions while you are driving, and the most fun of all...hitting mom's car in the driveway (very minor damage, and no injuries). Now one of her best friends is not going to be in the same school next year.

Me? I am cycling as much as I can fit in and trying to be a stay at home, going to school dad. School is going well, but it seems like I am constantly studying for Anatomy. EMT class is going well. I seem to be picking things up well enough. I am also getting ready to apply to a number of ambulance services as soon as I can. Once I get done with EMT class then I have to take the NREMT exam. Then it is off to Paramedic school for another year.

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