Friday, August 29, 2008

Demoing the front porch.

I will be posting a step by step photo essay of replacing my front porch. It will likely take place over the next two weeks.

Step one is taking down the old porch.

I started with a sledge hammer and got the flower box out of the way.

I tried to use the sledge hammer on the main part. That was proving to be much tougher.

From FrontPorch

I needed to get a jackhammer for the rest of the concrete.

Got the jackhamer and got the top box off.
From FrontPorch

I went to work on the rest of it and discovered that the box was hollow (thank God!).
From FrontPorch

This is what a jackhammer and 7hrs of work will get you.
From FrontPorch

From FrontPorch

Finished the demo and dug the footings.

Got the left and right footings poured and bolts installed.

From FrontPorchDemo

Next step replace the floor support and rotted sill plate.

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