Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reactionary Society

Why do we live in such a reactionary society?

Why does a bridge have to collapse, a child get kidnapped and murdered or a building get hit by an airplane before people will pay attention?

I know we live in a free and open society and we have to accept some level of danger that goes along with that. I think that far too many people rely on their government to provide for them. Wake up people! Look about you. Open your eyes!

After 9-11-2001 so many people wanted to know how this could happen. The idea that a group of terrorists could hijack 4 planes and use them as weapons shocked so many of us. There were calls for tighter security at airports and in transit in general. Many people wanted to know how our great law enforcement and military could let this happen.

Every time a helpless child is abducted and harmed the local and state governments are blamed for not doing enough.

This latest tragedy in Minnesota will have all of the media in an uproar. They will be asking all of the whys. Why did the failure occur? Who knew the bridge was deficient? Why wasn't it fixed? On and on will the debate rage.

We cannot and must not place all of the responsibility with our governments when it comes to our safety and well being. We must carry the bulk of that burden. One of the primary duties of our government i s to provide for the common defense. That is common defense. Stay vigilant! Assume no one else is seeing what you are seeing. Assume no one else will do anything about it. Stand UP and be heard!

One only needs to look to those heroic passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 back on 9-11. They saw a situation that they new no one else knew about, and that no one else could help with. They saved possibly thousands of lives that day by sacrificing their own. They defended this great nation as well as any armed and trained soldier could have.

Let us please not use this bridge collapse in Minnesota as an excuse for politicians to grand stand and pass meaningless regulations and legislation because they just want to be seen as doing something. Billions of dollars will pour into projects just because they will make us feel better. The way Congress works it is very likely that the most money will never end up where it is actually needed. It will end up in the state or district or the Senator who has the most clout not the worst infrastructure. Let us act like those brave souls aboard Flight 93 and do something about our own world.

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